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Spiritual Symbols and Signs

by Saragon 11th Dimension Guide of The Upper Soul Council for Gregory and Shelina

Throughout history in the galaxy, in many cultures and species, there has been almost every conceivable design that you Earthlings can do that is not complicated has been used as a religious symbol. Examples are the cross, ankh, triangle, five pointed star and six pointed star, octagan with a star in it. The square is usually used with the picture of a sun with many points in it but usually not by itself.

So on Earth, as in many other things certain designs have been repeated throughout a long long history. That is also why the soul codes have been used and taught by many other planets that have human dna. Yes, they are out there. They do not always look like you but you have the same genetic lineage going back millions of years.

These angelic symbol soul codes are spiritual keys that help work with the subconscious on a higher level with your soul. That soul is connected to the God Source and your genetics. For some, it helps to open you up and get rid of old garbage like ancestral fears, old beliefs that are not working anymore, and some of the genetic physical ailments going back seven generations.

Of course one always has the option to reverse any evolutionary changes if they like. Its like the person that is gaining more sympathy or attention by being incapacitated. It is their choice. Sometimes those choices are buried so deep that the person isn’t even aware of their emotional patterns. That is where using soul codes and repetition can help. More will be explained later in a new angelic symbol soul code book which I, Saragon, along with Gregory and Shelina, am putting together. We hope you like it. Blessings to all… Saragon, 11th dimensional angelic master teacher of soul science and spirituality


Welcome to Angelic Symbols

learning-to-help-oneself1.jpgMolta or Welcome from Gregory and Shelina, Karmonic Twinflame Souls and Saragon 11th Dimensional Guide from The Upper Soul Council. Many of these angelic symbols have been shared on the ‘Life in the Galaxy’ blog but there has been such an interest that we are now excited to share them on the ‘Angelic Symbols Blog’ which will be blessed as a separate site so that we can give it more personal attention.

Saragon has also brought in another helper from the 11th dimension named Ajah Kada. He learned about us, Gregory and Shelina, from Teko who is our galactic friend through Saragon, our 11th dimensional guide from The Upper Soul Council. I know it sounds like a make believe story to many but this is our life. We are shaman or shawoman to many since we live a life that is communicating between the earthly plane, the spiritual world and also the other physical galactic lifeforms on other dimensions. They are actually other parts of our complete soul as each soul has 1,720 aspects to it, yet only one part can be on Earth at a time. That is why a perfect cloned being could never have the same soul aspect as the original it was taken after but that is subject more suited to ‘Life in the Galaxy’.

Getting back to Teko, he works in the Galactic Federation Tartrinian Library where records of galactic and angelic languages, cultures and histories have been kept for millions of years. We have alot of fun learning from Saragon, Nonamori, Ajah Kada (our newest friend and guide from the 11th dimension) and many others as they do the same with us.

You might say that Earth is like watching a good drama or soap opera unfolding. It is very exciting to see how we evolve. Just look at how far things have changed from 2000 years ago when Jesus walked on Earth. The reason I mention Jesus is because he also speaks or channels through Gregory, the love of my life. Jesus brought an amazing gift to Gregory called The Jesus Opal which is also on another blog where Jesus, Mary and others, including Da Vinci later will speak about love and our relationship to God, the soul, angels, guides and each other. That is why Saragon’s 2008 New Year Angelic Symbols Chart has a picture of Jesus in it.

When he was alive, he could not talk about the creation of the first humans, called Kanarians, from 553 million years ago. The disciples were not ready for it. You must walk before you run as they say and during those days they were living a very simple life. But now, many of us are not only running, we act as though we are actually flying so now is the time to learn about our angelic and galactic heritage along with the many abilities that we have to empower us for evolutionary growth, healing, creativity and love. A book will be released about the Kanarians in the near future.

Angelic symbols is more of an Earthly word for these signs. Angels are considered to be 9th dimension and above. Some help others spiritually and some are involved in other things such as environmental or science. Most of the angelic symbols from Saragon and Teko are from the first twelve creator races that were angelic at the ninth dimension and above. They were used to clear out old beliefs which hindered new growth or to bring in new abilities through confidence, trust, faith in God, belief and curiosity. Saragon calls them ‘Soul Codes’ since they work through the soul on a higher level. We, Gregory and Shelina, have done readings for people with these soul codes and seen remarkable changes in people. Sometimes the person isn’t even aware of the difference but many people around them notice. Sometimes its an illumined aura, a projection of joy or a noticeable self love self image that has appeared. It is always exciting to watch. These readings must be done with a photo of the person or we will set it up for you to either mail, email, or possibly use a webcam in the future for these special ‘Saragon Soul Code Readings’. There may be some of you that think readings are the ‘devil’s doing’. These are not as Saragon is 11th dimension where no harm can be done. It is the commandment or rule that those spiritual guides or angels 10th dimension and above can ‘Do no harm’. For they are only a few steps away from merging in with the total God Source or Great Creator. So with love in our hearts and joy in our souls, welcome to ‘Angelic Symbols from Gregory and Shelina’.